1. 06 Oct, 2016 4 commits
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      Release bumped to 0.4 · 3cc0f3c7
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      Upload: · 729d5963
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      1) '{{id:R0}}' now gives the correct record id, even on records which are 'new' (id is 0 at time of save) - '{{id:R0}}' can be used 'fileDestination' to build pathFilename.
      2) Fixed problem with non existing uploads: in the past a sip has been saved instead of an empty string in the current record.
      3) Fixed problem with a) choosing an upload file, b) deleting them immediately and c) pressing 'save'. Non existing temporary uploaded file has been tried to move to final destination.
      Documentation/UsersManual: FormElement 'File' update
      AbstractBuildForm.php: Extend upload structure with EXISTING_PATH_FILE_NAME.
      QuickFormQuery.php: 'late save' of uploads implemented.
      Save.php: upload columns are not saved during the first save - instead they are saved later.
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      Coding.md: extended · c9ec5dbf
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  10. 19 Aug, 2016 1 commit
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      QfqController.php: E_NOTICE Errors are by default not catched by T3. For QFQ... · bdaf7133
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      QfqController.php: E_NOTICE Errors are by default not catched by T3. For QFQ E_NOTICE will throw exceptions from now on
      report/Log.php: unused variables commented out.
      report/Variables.php: more detailed isset check.
      AbstractBuildForm.php: rendering of 'subrecord delete links' broken if column 'id' is missing. Code, which switches from 'id' to '_id' have been already prepared, but was not completely implemented. Exception if neither 'id' nor '_id' exist in subrecord query.
  11. 17 Aug, 2016 2 commits