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......@@ -2027,6 +2027,23 @@ FormElement.parameter
* The following attributes are hard coded (can't be changed): `s|M:file|d|F`
* *fileUnzip* - If the file is a ZIP file (only then) it will be unzipped. If no directory is given via ``fileUnzip``, the
basedir of ``fileDestination`` is taken, appended by ``unpack``.
If an unzip will be done, for each file of the archive STORE_VAR will be filled (name, path of the extracted file,
mime type, size) and the following will be triggered: *sqlValidate, slaveId, sqlBefore, sqlAfter, sqlInsert, sqlUpdate*.
fileDestination = fileadmin/file_{{id:R}}.zip
sqlValidate ={{! SELECT '' FROM (SELECT '') AS fake WHERE '{{mimeType:V}}' LIKE 'application/pdf%' }}
messageFail=Unexpected filetype
# Set new
sqlAfter={{INSERT INTO Upload (pathFileName) VALUES '{{filename:V}}' }}
* `fileSplit`, `fileDestinationSplit`, `tableNameSplit`: see :ref:`split-pdf-upload`
* Excel Import: QFQ offers functionality to directly import excel data into the database. This functionality can
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