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Change doc of tablesorter to use 'sorter-false'

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......@@ -7558,7 +7558,7 @@ Example::
10 {
sql = SELECT id, CONCAT('form&form=person&r=', id) AS _Pagee, lastName, title FROM person
head = <table class="table tablesorter tablesorter-filter tablesorter-pager tablesorter-column-selector" id="{{pageAlias:T}}-ts1">
<thead><tr><th>Id</th><th data-sorter="false" class="filter-false">Edit</th>
<thead><tr><th>Id</th><th class="filter-false sorter-false">Edit</th>
<th>Name</th><th class="filter-select" data-placeholder="Select a title">Title</th>
tail = </tbody></table>
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