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Manual.rst: characterCountWrap documented

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......@@ -1389,6 +1389,8 @@ Type: text
* *retype* = 1 (optional): Current input element will be rendered twice. The form can only submitted if both elements are equal.
* *retypeLabel* =<text> (optional): The label of the second element.
* *retypeNote* =<text> (optional): The note of the second element.
* *characterCountWrap* = <text1>|<text2> (optional). Displays a character counter below the input/textarea element. If
`text1` / `text2` is missing, just display `<current>/</max>`. Customization: `characterCountWrap=<div class=qfq-cc-style>Count: |</div>`
* Also check the :ref:`fe-parameter-attributes` *data-...-error* to customize error messages shown by the validator.
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