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License.rst: add Twig, PhpSpreadsheet
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......@@ -29,10 +29,12 @@ Software distributed together with QFQ
* jQuery -
* jQWidgets -
* Bootstrap -
* Fabric.js -
* Chart.js -
* sendEmail -
* Font Awesome -
* Tablesorter -
* Bootstrap -
* Twitter typeahead JS -
* Font Awesome -
* sendEmail -
* PhpSpreadsheet -
* Twig -
......@@ -7406,7 +7406,15 @@ To turn any table into a sortable table:
* Ensure that your QFQ installation imports the appropriate js/css files, see setup-css-js_.
* Add the `class="tablesorter"` to your `<table>` element.
* Take care the `<table>` has a `<thead>` and `<tbody>` tag.
* Given settings will be saved per table. To distinguish different table settings on the same page, define an uniq HTML id per table.
* Evey table with active tablesorter should have a uniq HTML id.
.. important::
Custom settings will be saved per table automatically in the browser local storage. To distinguish different table
settings, define an uniq HTML id per table.
Example: `<table class="tablesorter" id="{{pageAlias:T}}-person">` - the `{{pageAlias:T}}` makes it easy to keep the
overview over given name on the site.
The *tablesorter* options:
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