Commit cb04c8b7 authored by Carsten  Rose's avatar Carsten Rose
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FE 'Select / Radio / Checkbox' crashed without a corresponding column.

AbstractBuildForm.php: check if there is a column with the formElementName.
parent 3feb3386
......@@ -756,7 +756,10 @@ abstract class AbstractBuildForm {
if (count($formElement) < 20)
throw new CodeException("Invalid (none or to small) Formelement", ERROR_MISSING_FORMELEMENT);
$itemValue = $this->getItemsForEnumOrSet($formElement['name'], $fieldType);
// Call getItemsForEnumOrSet() only if there a corresponding column really exist.
if (false !== $this->store->getVar($formElement['name'], STORE_RECORD)) {
$itemValue = $this->getItemsForEnumOrSet($formElement['name'], $fieldType);
if (is_array($formElement['sql1'])) {
if (count($formElement['sql1']) > 0) {
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