Commit c8dcade3 authored by Elias Villiger's avatar Elias Villiger
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Merge branch 'B6646-extraInfoButton-broken' into 'master'

Bug #6646 - Fix broken extraInfoButton for some FEs

See merge request !82
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......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ EOF;
$formElement[FE_TMP_EXTRA_BUTTON_HTML] = Support::wrapTag('<div class="input-group-btn">', $extraButton, true);
$formElement[FE_TMP_EXTRA_BUTTON_HTML] = Support::wrapTag('<div class="input-group-btn" style="font-size: 1em;">', $extraButton, true);
Support::setIfNotSet($formElement, FE_INPUT_EXTRA_BUTTON_INFO);
return $formElement;
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