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Outdated FORMREPORT code removed.

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......@@ -161,26 +161,6 @@ class Variables {
$arr["page_type"] = $GLOBALS["TSFE"]->type;
$arr["page_language_uid"] = $GLOBALS["TSFE"]->sys_language_uid;
// Add all variables from ext_localconf
// database aliases can be used in form sql queries (e.g. select * from "{{global.t3_name}}".fe_users...)
// localconf can be used to configure an application
$tmp = array();
$this->linearizeArray($GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS'][FORMREPORT], $tmp);
// remove anything that contains "_password" "_username" in the key to prevent the webmaster from doing something stupid
foreach ($tmp as $key => $value) {
if (!strstr($key, "_password") && !strstr($key, "_username"))
$arr[$key] = $value;
// Add t3 db name too
// require(PATH_typo3conf.'localconf.php');
//TODO: $typo_db kommt von T3: PHPSTorm weiss das nicht und meckert hier. Es ist auch nicht gut das die globale Variable genommen wird. Umbauen auf etwas sinnvollerers!
//TODO: DBAlias sinnvoll setzen
$typo_db = '';
$arr["t3_name"] = $typo_db;
return ($arr);
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