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Manual.rst: note how to user double backslash to escape arguments in wkhtml call.

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......@@ -89,11 +89,14 @@ The program is not included in QFQ and has to be manually installed.
* The current version 0.12.4 might have trouble with https connections. Version 0.12.5-dev (github master branch)
seems more reliable. Please contact the QFQ authors if you need a compiled Ubuntu version of wkhtmltopdf.
In `configuration`_ specify the:
In `configuration`_ specify the: ::
* `cmdWkhtmltopdf=/opt/wkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltopdf`.
* `baseUrl=`.
If wkhtml has been compiled with dedicated libraries, specify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH together with the path-filename: ::
cmdWkhtmltopdf=LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/wkhtmltox/lib /opt/wkhtmltox/bin/wkhtmltopdf
**Important**: To access FE_GROUP protected pages or content, it's necessary to disable the `[FE][lockIP]` check! `wkhtml`
will access the Typo3 page locally (localhost) and that IP address is different from the client (=user) IP.
......@@ -298,7 +301,7 @@ Extension Manager: QFQ Configuration
| cmdConvert | convert | GraphicsMagics 'convert' is recommended. |
| cmdWkhtmltopdf | /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf | PathFilename of wkhtmltopdf. |
| cmdWkhtmltopdf | /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf | PathFilename of wkhtmltopdf. Optional variables like LD_LIBRARY_PATH=... |
| baseUrl | | URL where wkhtmltopdf will fetch the HTML (no parameter, those comes later)|
......@@ -2959,7 +2962,7 @@ Type: text
* *retypeLabel* = <text> (optional): The label of the second element.
* *retypeNote* = <text> (optional): The note of the second element.
* *characterCountWrap* = <div class="qfq-cc-style">Count: |</div>` (optional).
* *characterCountWrap* = <span class="qfq-cc-style">Count: |</span> (optional).
Displays a character counter below the input/textarea element.
* Also check the :ref:`fe-parameter-attributes` *data-...-error* to customize error messages shown by the validator.
* *hideZero* = 0|1 (optional): `with hideZero=1` a '0' in the value will be replaced by an empty string.
......@@ -6114,6 +6117,7 @@ Parameter and (element) sources
Check `wkhtmltopdf.txt <>`_ for possible options. Be aware that
key/value tuple in the documentation is separated by a space, but to respect the QFQ key/value notation of URLs,
the key/value tuple in `p:...`, `u:...` or `U:...` has to be separated by '='. Please see last example below.
* If an option contains an '&' it must be escaped with double '\\'. See example.
Most of the other Link-Class attributes can be used to customize the link as well.
......@@ -6137,6 +6141,9 @@ Example `_link`: ::
# three sources: two pages and one file, the second page will be in landscape and pagesize A3
SELECT "d:complete.pdf|s|t:Complete PDF|p:id=detail&r=1|p:id=detail2&r=1&--orientation=Landscape&--page-size=A3|F:fileadmin/pdf/test.pdf" AS _link
# One source and a header file. Note: the parameter to the header URL is escaped with double backslash.
SELECT "d:complete.pdf|s|t:Complete PDF|p:id=detail2&r=1&--orientation=Landscape&--header={{URL:R}}?indexp.php?id=head\\&L=1|F:fileadmin/pdf/test.pdf" AS _link
Example `_pdf`, `_zip`: ::
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