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QFQ Development Setup
* Node.js
* PHP7.x - for local testing
* Python
* IDE (Used: PhpStorm, VSCode)
Mac OS X
To be able to install various unix tools that are used, it is recommended to install homebrew from
Afterwards use:
```brew install php@7.2 wget```
It is recommended to install the standard PHP, Python and Javascript plugins (Can be selected at the start).
Additional useful Extensions:
* `Tasks Panel` - allows you to start Grunt Tasks.
* `Beautify` - Opinionated Javascript Code beautifier.
* `JSLint` - Javascript Linting for old Ecma Script.
* `PHP Debug` - Support for PHP XDebug
* `PHP IntelliSense` - Advanced Autocompletion and Refactoring for PHP
* `PHP Intelephense` - Similar features to PHPStorm (has additional premium functionality)
You can use the command `make bootstrap` from the root folder of the git QFQ project to setup your Development Enviroment.
To only set it up for running mock ups, use:
sudo npm install grunt-cli -g
npm update
grunt default
from the root directory of the git QFQ project.
Working with Mockups
Mockups are in the `mockup` directory.
To access them, you need a locally running webserver. The easiest way is to use the local webserver provided by php.
`php -S localhost:8000`
Now you can access the mockups by going to http://localhost:8000/mockup/qfqform.html
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