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Manual.rst: Added 'howto remove <p> in TinyMCE'
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* Surround <p> Tag - >>
In QFQ Formeditor on the specific FormElement.parameter: `editor-forced_root_block=false`
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......@@ -1592,8 +1592,12 @@ Type: editor
* TinyMCE (, community edition) is used as the QFQ Rich Text Editor.
* The content will be saved as HTML inside the database.
* All configuration and plugins will be configured via the 'parameter' field. Just prepend the word 'editor-' in front
of each TinyMCE keyword. Check possible options under,,
of each TinyMCE keyword. Check possible options under:
* Bars:
* Top: *menubar* - by default hidden.
......@@ -1607,6 +1611,12 @@ Type: editor
editor-toolbar=code searchreplace undo redo | styleselect link table | fontselect fontsizeselect | bullist numlist outdent indent | forecolor backcolor bold italic editor-menubar=false
* To deactivate the surrouding `<p>` tag, configure in *FormElement.parameter*::
This might have impacts on the editor. See
* *FormElement.size*:
* <min_height>,<max_height>: in pixels, including top and bottom bars. E.g.: 300,600
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