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Refs #9733: add dev documentation.

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......@@ -518,6 +518,13 @@ On `"conflict"` the Client opens the alert as modal dialog (user can't change an
form' button.
On `"conflict_allow_force"` the Client opens the alert non-modal (default).
### tabUniqId
Every tab get's a uniq id (timestamp) on page load:
This 'tabUniqId' is saved in dirty record on lock acquire.
On page reload, when the 'release' comes after 'acquire' (unwished async behaviour), the locking is skipped (if same user
session) - on reload there is no variable 'tabUniqId'. On real lock acquire, the tab ID is compared and will be denied
if not matching. The 'tabUniqId' might not work in IE - doesn't matter: it's a seldom special situation.
### Drag And Drop (sort)
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