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Manual.rst: detailed explanation to render mode.

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......@@ -5151,6 +5151,21 @@ Column: _link
Render mode
The following table might be hard to read - but it's really useful to understand. It solves a lot of different situations.
If there are no special condition (like missing value, or suppressed links), render mode 0 is sufficient.
But if the URL text is missing, or the URL is missing, OR the link should be rendered in sql row 1-10, but not 5, than
render mode might dynamically control the rendered link.
* Horizontal:
* If 'url & text' is given, column 2 shows the result.
* If only 'url' is given, column 3 shows the result.
* If only 'text' is given, column 4 shows the result.
* Vertical:
* Column 0 is the render mode and controls how the link is rendered.
|Mode |Both: url & text |Only: url |Only: text|Description |
......@@ -5171,6 +5186,10 @@ Render mode
|7 | pure url |pure url | |no link, pure url |
10.sql = SELECT CONCAT('u:', p.homepage, IF(p.showHomepage='yes','|r:0', '|r:5') ) AS _link FROM Person AS p
Link Examples
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