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* extension/Documentation/_make/ release, version
* extension/Documentation/Settings.yml: version
* extension/ext_emconf.php: version
* extension/RELEASE.txt
2) Im Projektverzeichnis:
make t3sphinx (dadurch fallen Fehler in RESTdoc Syntax auf)
2) Im Projectverzeichnis:
make t3sphinx (nicht sicher ob das noetig ist, es fallen aber Fehler im RESTdoc auf)
3) Merge auf master Branch
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7) In T3 Instanz Dokumentation rendern lassen.
T3 6.2: Admin Tools > Extension Manager > QFQ > Doku HTML: rechts oben 'Render Documentation'
T3 6.2: Admin Tools > Extension Manager > QFQ > Doku HTML: rechts oben 'Render Documentation'
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Version 0.9
* FormEditor:
* design update - new default background color: grey.
* per form configureable background colors.
* Optional right align of all form element labels.
Bug fixes
* BuildFormBootstrap.php: added new class name 'qfq-label' to form labels - needed to assign 'qfq-form-right' class. Changed wrapping of formelements from 'col-md-8' (wrong) to 'col-md-12'.
* QuickFormQuery.php: Set default for new F_CLASS_PILL & F_CLASS_BODY.
* formEditor.sql: New default background color for formElements is blue.
* qfq-bs.css.less: add classes qfq-form-pill, qfq-form-body, form-group (center), qfq-color-*, qfq-form-right.
* Index.rst: Add note to hierachy chars. Fixed uncomplete doc to a) bs*Columns, showButton. Add classPill, classBody. Rewrote form.paramter.class.
* QuickFormQuery.php: Button save/ close/ delete/ new - align to right border of form.
* UsersManual/index.rst: renamed chapter for formelements. Cleanup formelement types. Wrote chapter 'Detailed concept'.
* QuickFormQuery.php, FormAction.php: '#2931 / afterSave Hauptrecord xId nicht direkt verfügbar' - load master record again, after 'action'-elements has been processed.
* UsersManual/index.rst: Startet FAQ section.
* config.qfq.example.ini: Added comment where to save config.qfq.ini.
* UsersManual/index.rst: Rewrite of 'action'-FormElement definition.
* #2739: beforeDelete / afterDelete.
* update 'delete' description.
* delete.php: fixed unwanted loose of MSG_CONTENT.
* Report.php: Fixed double '&&' in building UrlParam.
* FormAction.php: In case of 'AFTER_DELETE', do not try to load primary record - that one is already deleted.
* Sip.php: Do not skip SIP_TARGET_URL as parameter for the SIP.
* #3001 Report: delete implementieren.
* Index.rst, Constants.php: reverted parameter '_table' in delete links back to 'table' - Reason: 'form' needs to be 'form' (instead of '_form') due to many used places already.
* Sip.php: move SIP_TARGET_URL back to stored inside SIP - it's necessary for 'delete'-links.
* Report.php, Constants.php: Remove code to handle unecessary 'p:' tag for delete links.
* Link.php: Check paged / Paged that the parameter r, table and form are given in the right combination.
* Link.php, Report.php: New '_link' token 'x'. '_paged' and '_Paged' are rendered via Link() class, Link() class now supports delete links.
* QuickFormQuery.php: for modeForm='Form Delete' the 'required param' are not respected - this makes sense, cause these parameters typically filled in newly created records.
* Fixed: #3076 Delete Button bei Subrecords erzeugt sporadisch Javascript Exceptions (Webkit: Chrome / Vivaldi) - kein loeschen moeglich.
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