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......@@ -7663,6 +7663,7 @@ QFQ CSS Classes
* `qfq-100` - assigned to different tags, makes an element 'width: 100%'.
* `qfq-left`- assigned to different tags, Text align left.
* `qfq-sticky` - assigned to `<thead>`, makes the header sticky.
* `qfq-badge`, `qfq-badge-error`, `qfq-badge-warning`, `qfq-badge-success`, `qfq-badge-info`, `qfq-badge-invers` - colorized BS3 badges.
* `letter-no-break` - assigned to a `div` will protect a paragraph (CSS: page-break-before: avoid;) not to break around
a page border (converted to PDF via wkhtml). Take care that `qfq-letter.css` is included in TypoScript setup.
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