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......@@ -3434,7 +3434,7 @@ See also `downloadButton`_ to offer a download of an uploaded file.
record, if table columns `fileSize` and/or `mimeType` exist.
* If there are more than one Upload FormElement in a form, the automatically update for `fileSize` and/or `mimeType`
can't be used.
are not useful - the columns only handle
* In :ref:`Upload advanced mode` the `fileSize` and / or `mimeType` have to be updated with an explicit SQL statement::
......@@ -617,8 +617,10 @@ class Report {
$keyAssoc = OnString::stripFirstCharIf(TOKEN_COLUMN_CTRL, $keys[$ii]);
if ($keyAssoc != '') {
$assoc[$keyAssoc] = $row[$ii];
if ($flagOutput) {
$content .= $this->variables->doVariables($fsep);
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