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......@@ -244,7 +244,8 @@ Setup a *report* to manage all *forms*:
# List of Forms: Do not show this list of forms if there is a form given by SIP.
# Table header.
sql = SELECT CONCAT('p:{{pageId:T}}&form=form') as _pagen, '#', 'Name', 'Title', 'Table', '' FROM (SELECT 1) AS fake WHERE '{{form:SE}}'=''
head = <table class="table table-hover qfq-table-50">
head = {{'b|p:id={{pageAlias:T}}&form=copyFormFromExt|t:Copy form from ExtForm' AS _link}}
<table class="table table-hover qfq-table-50">
tail = </table>
rbeg = <thead><tr>
rend = </tr></thead>
......@@ -4703,11 +4704,13 @@ Table: Person
sqlUpdate={{ UPDATE Person AS p SET'{{cn:L:alnumx:s}}' WHERE{{slaveId}} LIMIT 1 }}
Import/merge forms
.. _import-merge-form
Import/merge form
The form `copyFormFromExt` copies a form from table `ExtForm / ExtFormElement` to `Form / FormElement`. The import/merge
* offers a drop down list with all forms of `ExtForm`,
* an input element for the new form name,
......@@ -4717,12 +4720,19 @@ form
* Play the file *<ext_dir>/qfq/sql/copyFormFromExt.sql*.
* Play (do all sql statements on your QFQ database, e.g. via `mysql <dbname> < copyFormFromExt.sql` or `phpMyAdmin`) the
file *<ext_dir>/qfq/sql/copyFormFromExt.sql*.
* Insert a link/button 'Copy form from ExtForm' to open the import/merge form. A good place is the list of all forms
(see `form-editor`_). E.g.: ::
10.head = {{'b|p:id={{pageAlias:T}}&form=copyFormFromExt|t:Copy form from ExtForm' AS _link }} ...
If there are several T3/QFQ instances and if forms should be imported frequently/easily, set up a one shot
'import Forms from db xyz' like: ::
10.sql = CREATE OR REPLACE table ExtForm SELECT * FROM <db xyz>.Form
20.sql = CREATE OR REPLACE table ExtFormElement SELECT * FROM <db xyz>.FormElement
.. _`report`:
......@@ -6085,6 +6095,7 @@ Copy to clipboard
* Three different sources can be copied to the clipboard.
* 'File' and 'page' are SIP encoded by default.
* Only one source at a time is supported.
.. _download:
......@@ -33,9 +33,45 @@ Notes
Version 18.8.0
Date: 26.08.2018
* Excel Export
* CopyCat
* #4922 / Excel Export - create Excel sheets from scratch or based on a template.
* Import/Merge form: A new form 'copyFormFromExt' (see file `copyFormFromExt.sql`) offers a one click import of external
QFQ forms (incl. renumbering of id's).
* formEditor.sql: resized Form.title from 255 to 511 (requested by IK Tool)
* Drag and Drop now offers the possibility to show the renumbered values.
* #3294 / Improve Typo3 QFQ backend layout. Add sparql syntax highlighting.
* Manual.rst: security hints, T3 Setup best practice, text input retype, charactercountwrap.
* Config.qfq: central defaults for DATA_MATCH, DATA_ERROR
* #5878 / Formelement.type=note with #!report - whitespace is trimmed.
* Bootstrap QFQ development: switched from bower to npm only.
F6314: HTML Mails enabled by specifying flag 'mode=html'.
Bug Fixes
* AbstractException.php: fixed problem with htmlEntities() on link to 'Edit Form' and 'Edit FormElement'.
* #5843 / File upload: limitation to file extensions are no case insensitive.
* #6247 / Replace deprecated each function
* #6281 / FormElement / column 'note': token '#!report' - STORE_RECORD does not work.
* #6331 / File Upload: Wrong error message if filesize is much too big.
* #6229 / Add QFQ icon to content element and content element wizard
Version 18.6.1
Supports Markdown
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