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Refs #12015 : disable formEditor Warning PhpUnit and add file=_formEditor to Selenium docker App

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......@@ -272,38 +272,9 @@ Setup a *report* to manage all *forms*:
* Create a Typo3 page.
* Set the 'URL Alias' to `form` (recommended) or the individual defined value in parameter `editFormPage` (configuration_).
* Insert a content record of type *qfq*.
* In the bodytext insert the following code::
# If there is a form given by SIP: show
# In case indexQfq != indexData, set dbIndex=indexQfq.
dbIndex = {{indexQfq:Y}}
10 {
# Table header.
sql = SELECT CONCAT('p:{{pageAlias:T}}&form=form|A:data-reference=newForm') as _pagen, '#', 'Name', 'Title', 'Table', ''
head = {{'b|p:id={{pageAlias:T}}&form=copyFormFromExt|t:Copy form from ExtForm|A:data-reference=copyForm' AS _link}}
<table class="table table-hover qfq-table-50 tablesorter tablesorter-filter" id="{{pageAlias:T}}-form">
tail = </table>
rbeg = <thead class="qfq-sticky"><tr>
rend = </tr></thead>
fbeg = <th>
fend = </th>
10 {
# All forms
sql = SELECT CONCAT('p:{{pageAlias:T}}&form=form&r=',, '|A:data-reference=editForm', as _pagee
,,, QMORE(strip_tags(f.title), 50), f.tableName
, CONCAT('U:form=form&r=',, '|A:data-reference=deletForm') as _paged
FROM Form AS f
rbeg = <tr>
rend = </tr>
fbeg = <td>
fend = </td>
* In the bodytext insert the following code (see explanation of code: :ref:`reportAsFile`)::
To keep the overview about all forms, it's useful to know which form has been used, how often, on which
page and when. Find these information included in the :ref:`form-editor-usage` report.
......@@ -2867,6 +2867,11 @@ Report As File
* The tt-content body is ignored in that case.
* The path to the report file must be given relative to the report directory inside the qfq project directory. See :ref:`qfq-project-path-php`
* QFQ provides some special system reports which are located inside the extension directory `typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Private/Report` and can be directly rendered by prepending an underscore and omitting the file extension:
* `file=_formEditor` will render the standard formEditor report
* If the QFQ setting `reportAsFileAutoExport` (see :ref:`extension-manager-qfq-configuration`) is enabled, then every QFQ tt-content element which does not contain the `file` keyword is exported automatically when the report is rendered the first time.
* The path of the created file is given by the typo3 page structure
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......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ class DatabaseUpdate {
if ($dbUpdate === SYSTEM_DB_UPDATE_ALWAYS || ($dbUpdate === SYSTEM_DB_UPDATE_AUTO && $new != $old)) {
if (version_compare($old, '21.2.0') < 1) {
if (version_compare($old, '21.2.0') < 1 && !defined('PHPUNIT_QFQ')) {
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