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    Dynamic Update implemented · b31fb9eb
    Carsten Rose authored
    load.php: implemented
    FillStoreForm.php: implemented
    Store.php: phpunit test complains about 'store already filled'. Option set to explicitly allow rewrite.
    AbstractBuildForm.php: Added new mode 'FORM_UPDATE'. Elements additionaly create json code. 'data-load' attribute will be added to form elements, if 'dynamicUpdate=yes'
      elements(): added call by reference parameter $json, to return the generated json code.
    BodyTextParse.php: added 'r =' as a new 'start new line' indicator. This was necessary at least for phpunit tests to run.
    BuildFormBootstrap.php: buildPill() passes json data structure.
    BuildFormPlain, BuildFormTable.php: doSubrecords()  passes json data structure.
    Evaluate.php: Exception text enhanced.
    QuickFormQuery.php: FillStoreForm.php included. Automatic detection of FORM_LOAD and FORM_SAVE removed. Instead the mode are given explicitly. mode=FORM_UPDATE implemented.
    Save.php: added TODOs in code.
    formEditor.sql: reformat code. Add 'FormElement.dynamicUpdate'. 'FormElemente.checkType': 'number' replaced by 'digit'. Added 'alnumx', 'digit'. Form 'form', 'formElement': output of 'title' replaced by 'name' - outputting 'title' confuses the user (tries to show records which do fit to the formEditor) and might produce recursion in evaluation (did not understand why, but happens). FormEditor: implemented 'dynamicUpdate', escpecially the 'type' select list will be adjusted dynamically.