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    #3766 / SQL_LOG per tt_content record einstellbar machen · 4b0d1413
    Carsten Rose authored
    Add `sqlLog` and `sqlLogMode` to QFQ tt-content records.
    Add mode 'error' and `none` to sqlLogMode.
    Manual.rst: Added explanations for SQL_LOG, SQL_LOG_MODE, and tt-content pendants sqlLog, sqlLogMode. Update config.qfq.ini to latest attributes.
    Database.php: rename $mode to $currentQueryMode to make it more descriptive. Recode dbLog().
    Logger.php: do nothing if there is no file defined.
    Report.php: new function checkUpdateLog().
    Config.php: Set defaults for config.qfq.ini SQL_LOG and SQL_LOG_MODE
    Store.php: Fix problem that an empty SQL_LOG will be prependad with SYSTEM_PATH_EXT.