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      'Upload advanced mode' implementiert. V2 (kein FormElement Action 'afterSave' mehr noetig) · 2e7b75b6
      Carsten Rose authored
      Default fuer Store Prioritaet hat sich geaendert: alt='FSRD', neu='FSRVD' - damit wird ist es ueberfluessig den V Store anzugeben.
      Variable '_filename' umbenannt in 'filename' und verschoben von STORE_FORM nach STORE_VARS. Damit ist es ueberfluessig eine Sanatize Klasse anzugeben.
      STORE_VAR hat zwei neue Variablen: 'filename', 'fileDestination'.
      Bei Form-Action Elemente gibt es zwei neue Typen: 'sqlBefore' und 'sqlAfter'
      Index.rst: Dokumentation auf V2 angepasst. Doku fuer V1 hat es nie gegeben.
      FormAction.php: Moved function initActionFormElement to HelperFormElement::initActionFormElement(), Implement sqlBefore & sqlAfter for Action Elemente.
      HelperFormElement.php: new class initActionFormElement(), initUploadFormElement().
      FillStoreForm.php, AbstractBuildForm.php, Evaluate.php: Implemented the $skip parameter to suppress unwanted variable expansion during form load.
      Evaluate.php: moved 'decryptCurlyBraces()' up, in order to  create better error messages.
      Save.php: new doUploadSlave(), implement 'Upload advanced mode'.
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      Index.rst: fixed wrong STORE_FORM variable names, update to latest uplaod... · 3b40767e
      Carsten Rose authored
      Index.rst: fixed wrong STORE_FORM variable names, update to latest uplaod '_filename_<FE_NAME>' notation.
  9. 13 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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      Multiple & Advanced Upload: · 1bb4cea6
      Carsten Rose authored
      - fix problem when more than one file uploaded - there was only one variable {{_filename}}, which was not sufficient for more than one upload element per form. New: {{_filename_<FE_NAME>:FE:allbut}}.
      - implemented {{_deleted_<FE_NAME>:F0}}: if exist and is '1', than this means that the previous uploaded file has been trashed through the user by clicking on the trash.
      Index.rst: update doc. Some more notes are needed. See one of the upcomming commits.
      Constants.php: Renamed CLIENT_UPLOAD_FILENAME and created CLIENT_FILE_DELETED.
      Save.php: Set var CLIENT_FILE_DELETED and use renamed CLIENT_UPLOAD_FILENAME.
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      User Input will be UTF8 normalized - Webserver needs package php5-intl or php7.0-intl. · 7eeed2a8
      Carsten Rose authored
      AdministratorManual/Index.rst: added notes to install php-intl, new config.qfq.ini parameter (see above).
      UserManual/index.rst: Fix wrong store name SYSTEM: S > Y. Add new config.qfq.ini parameter (see above).
      Store.php: new general function to translate upper case config prameter names to to camel hook FormElement names. Split function fillSystemStore(). Add function normalizeArray().
      Constants.php: add new error, renumber error codes 1056-1073. Introduce new config.qfq.ini parameter SYSTEM_FORM_BS_*
      QuickFormQuery.php: Use of new bs*Column values defined in config.qfq.inc (not hardcoded here anymore)
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      Added validator.js attributes 'data-pattern-error', 'data-rquired-error',... · 372993e5
      Carsten Rose authored
      Added validator.js attributes 'data-pattern-error', 'data-rquired-error', 'data-match-error', 'data-error' to be specified in config.qfq.ini, Form or FormElement. Detailed setting will overwrite generic setting. If none is specified, take validator.js defaults.
      HelperFormElement.php, AbstractBuildForm.php, Constants.php, QuickFormQuery.php.
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