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      Bug #5031 / Missing details in DbException: New definition of... · 0d8850de
      Carsten Rose authored
      Bug #5031 / Missing details in DbException: New definition of SYSTEM_SHOW_DEBUG_INFO: even after config.qfq.ini is parsed and SIP Infos has been read - if there is no BE User logged in, the value stays on 'auto' (earlier it has been replaced to 'no'). Staying on 'auto' keeps the information that replacing is still open and not replaced means 'no'-BE User logged in.
  7. 20 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      #4255 / Attachments fuer 'Email' · d638910b
      Carsten Rose authored
       Manual.rst: description of new options for MAIL_LOG and Report/sendmail.
       sendEmail: added new perl script.
       Report.php: $mailarr renamed to $mailConfig. convertToken() updated.
       Sendmail.php: commented mb_send_mail(). New sendEmail().
       Config.php: new options MAIL_LOG.
       Store.php: Update SUSTEM_SEND_E_MAIL
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      Feature #3981 / Record Locking · 5739af82
      Carsten Rose authored
      First implementation on server side: only tag as dirty, no check during save().
      dirty.php, Dirty.php, Client.php: new
      Store.php: refactored fillStoreClient() to use an dedicated class.
      BuildFormBootstrap.php: add hook for dirty.php
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      #3899 / Copy/Paste · cc55f4fb
      Carsten Rose authored
      Manual.rst: various topics undocumented.
      DatabaseUpdate.php: New table Clipboard, New FE.type='paste', New Form.forwardMode='url-sip' - will be applied for 0.18.3.
      FormAction.php: New: doAllFormElementPaste(), prepareDuplicate(), checkNCopyFiles(), copyRecord()
      Store.php: New member in STORE_CLIENT 'CLIENT_COOKIE_QFQ' - might be used to identify current user.
      BuildFormBootstrap.php: New buildButtonCopyForm().
      QuickFormQuery.php: Calculating the target page now happens after saving the current record and processing all after save actions. New: pasteClipboard()
      formEditor.sql: New form 'copyForm'. New table 'Clipboard'
  22. 11 Jun, 2017 1 commit
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      #3875 / FormElement 'extra': Fehler bei neuen Records. · 1117d36b
      Carsten Rose authored
      QFQ complains that the given SIP parameter is already defined. Problem is the pre filling of Store SIP, which normally happens only during form load. But the new 'saving a new record (r=0) and redirecting the browser to the same page with the new record id', requires a new SIP. That SIP is calculated before form-load and causes the exception. Fix: defined parameter in a store, which will be redefined with the same value, wont' throw an exception anymore.
      Store.php: compare old and new value and only if they differ throw an exception.
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      #3766 / SQL_LOG per tt_content record einstellbar machen · 4b0d1413
      Carsten Rose authored
      Add `sqlLog` and `sqlLogMode` to QFQ tt-content records.
      Add mode 'error' and `none` to sqlLogMode.
      Manual.rst: Added explanations for SQL_LOG, SQL_LOG_MODE, and tt-content pendants sqlLog, sqlLogMode. Update config.qfq.ini to latest attributes.
      Database.php: rename $mode to $currentQueryMode to make it more descriptive. Recode dbLog().
      Logger.php: do nothing if there is no file defined.
      Report.php: new function checkUpdateLog().
      Config.php: Set defaults for config.qfq.ini SQL_LOG and SQL_LOG_MODE
      Store.php: Fix problem that an empty SQL_LOG will be prependad with SYSTEM_PATH_EXT.
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      #3679, Automatic DB update - Schema & FormEditor · 05b32a30
      Carsten Rose authored
      For updates of QFQ prior to 0.17.0, do:   ALTER TABLE  `Form` COMMENT =  'Version=<your old QFQ version>'
      DatabaseUpdate.php, DatabaseUpdateData.php: new class.
      QuickFormQuery.php: Add DB UpdateCheck
      Database.php: moved to new subdirectory `database`. Add 'ALTER' as a new SQL command.
      FormAction.php, TypeAhead.php, Report.php, Sendmail.php, FillStoreForm.php, Store.php, AbstractBuild.php, Delete.php, Evaluate.php: Update path to Database.php.
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      #3218 / download.php / export · e10937b6
      Carsten Rose authored
      * Recode the '_link' notation for download
      * Add 'ZIP' as export format
      * Add 'parameter' to wkhtmltopdf
      * Implemented 'SYSTEM_STORE / SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_POPUP' for detecting if there are download links on the page. This eleminates passing parameters through dozens of functions.
      * Report/Columntype '_dDownload' broken!
      Coding.md: described `download` from a coding point of view.
      Manual.rst: Update '_link' to latest notation of 'download'.
      download.php: implemented catching of 'Undefined index'. Added further exceptions.
      Download.php: Added cache=off for downloading. Rename getFile() to getElement(). Make getElement() more generic. Add zipFiles(). Implement 'downloadMode' in doElements().
      Html2Pdf.php: recode to new download notation. Parameter to wkhtmltopdf implemented.
      Link.php: New TOKEN_* and NAME_DOWNLOAD_*, NAME_FILE. Move TOKEN_* to Constants.php. Will be used in Download.php too. Implemented 'SYSTEM_STORE / SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_POPUP'. Implemented BASE64 encoding of multiple 'U' and 'u'.
      Report.php: Implemented 'SYSTEM_STORE / SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_POPUP'.
      Sip.php: implement debugSip() to show Sip. New: base64 encoded parameter will be shown in clear.
      Store.php: some functions missed keyword 'static'. getVar() and getStore automatically decode base64 parameter.
      QuickFormQuery.php: Implemented 'SYSTEM_STORE / SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_POPUP'.
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