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      #4255 / Attachments fuer 'Email' · d638910b
      Carsten Rose authored
       Manual.rst: description of new options for MAIL_LOG and Report/sendmail.
       sendEmail: added new perl script.
       Report.php: $mailarr renamed to $mailConfig. convertToken() updated.
       Sendmail.php: commented mb_send_mail(). New sendEmail().
       Config.php: new options MAIL_LOG.
       Store.php: Update SUSTEM_SEND_E_MAIL
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      [NOTE] Feature #4431 / FE.type=note: QFQ Report Syntax in 'FE.value' and 'FE.note' · 47fa3b4a
      Carsten Rose authored
      Manual.rst: describe how to activate 'report' syntax.
      Support.php: implement 'unWrapTag()'
      Report: Code reformat
      FillStoreForm.php: remove unwanted '<p>' tag around content if TinyMCE is used, before saving the content
      AbstractBuildForm.php: new processReportSyntax().
      formEditor.sql: Change FormElement Editor column 'note' from Editor (TinyMCE) to ordinary TextArea. This was necessary cause TinyMCE is based on HTML and linebreaks are completely replaced by <br>. It's difficult to support both, HTML and plain text at the same time.
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      #3766 / SQL_LOG per tt_content record einstellbar machen · 4b0d1413
      Carsten Rose authored
      Add `sqlLog` and `sqlLogMode` to QFQ tt-content records.
      Add mode 'error' and `none` to sqlLogMode.
      Manual.rst: Added explanations for SQL_LOG, SQL_LOG_MODE, and tt-content pendants sqlLog, sqlLogMode. Update config.qfq.ini to latest attributes.
      Database.php: rename $mode to $currentQueryMode to make it more descriptive. Recode dbLog().
      Logger.php: do nothing if there is no file defined.
      Report.php: new function checkUpdateLog().
      Config.php: Set defaults for config.qfq.ini SQL_LOG and SQL_LOG_MODE
      Store.php: Fix problem that an empty SQL_LOG will be prependad with SYSTEM_PATH_EXT.
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      #3679, Automatic DB update - Schema & FormEditor · 05b32a30
      Carsten Rose authored
      For updates of QFQ prior to 0.17.0, do:   ALTER TABLE  `Form` COMMENT =  'Version=<your old QFQ version>'
      DatabaseUpdate.php, DatabaseUpdateData.php: new class.
      QuickFormQuery.php: Add DB UpdateCheck
      Database.php: moved to new subdirectory `database`. Add 'ALTER' as a new SQL command.
      FormAction.php, TypeAhead.php, Report.php, Sendmail.php, FillStoreForm.php, Store.php, AbstractBuild.php, Delete.php, Evaluate.php: Update path to Database.php.
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      Download: columns _pPdf,_zZip, _fFile implemented. _dDownload removed. · 6f5a988f
      Carsten Rose authored
      Handling of filenames in Zip's optimized. Spoken filename (no cryptic tempnames anymore). Correct filename extension, based on the mimetype.
      Manual.rst: updated doc for columns  _pPdf,_zZip, _fFile. Remove doc for '_dDownload'.
      Download.php: new function targetFilenameExtension(). Replace cryptic temporary filenames against file-1, ...
      Link.php: reorder param array, to make TOKEN_DOWNLOAD position independet
      Report.php: Implemented _pPdf,_zZip, _fFile.
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      #3218 / download.php / export · e10937b6
      Carsten Rose authored
      * Recode the '_link' notation for download
      * Add 'ZIP' as export format
      * Add 'parameter' to wkhtmltopdf
      * Implemented 'SYSTEM_STORE / SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_POPUP' for detecting if there are download links on the page. This eleminates passing parameters through dozens of functions.
      * Report/Columntype '_dDownload' broken!
      Coding.md: described `download` from a coding point of view.
      Manual.rst: Update '_link' to latest notation of 'download'.
      download.php: implemented catching of 'Undefined index'. Added further exceptions.
      Download.php: Added cache=off for downloading. Rename getFile() to getElement(). Make getElement() more generic. Add zipFiles(). Implement 'downloadMode' in doElements().
      Html2Pdf.php: recode to new download notation. Parameter to wkhtmltopdf implemented.
      Link.php: New TOKEN_* and NAME_DOWNLOAD_*, NAME_FILE. Move TOKEN_* to Constants.php. Will be used in Download.php too. Implemented 'SYSTEM_STORE / SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_POPUP'. Implemented BASE64 encoding of multiple 'U' and 'u'.
      Report.php: Implemented 'SYSTEM_STORE / SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_POPUP'.
      Sip.php: implement debugSip() to show Sip. New: base64 encoded parameter will be shown in clear.
      Store.php: some functions missed keyword 'static'. getVar() and getStore automatically decode base64 parameter.
      QuickFormQuery.php: Implemented 'SYSTEM_STORE / SYSTEM_DOWNLOAD_POPUP'.
  27. 20 Apr, 2017 2 commits
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      #3218 / download.php / export · d46e131a
      Carsten Rose authored
      Implemented spinning wheel (hourglass) displayed during rendering and downloading PDF.
      Link.php, Report.php: New $vars[NAME_EXTRA_CONTENT_WRAP] which holds a '<button>' definition with necesary 'data-*' attributes. The Modal Dialog needs a uniq html id (derived from ttContentUid). That one is returned to Report() if there is at least one download element.
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      #3218 / download.php / export · 4e01a68b
      Carsten Rose authored
      Implemented download.php to offer SIP protected downloads for single files (any filetype) as well as concatenated PDF files and converted HTML pages.
      download.php: API Interface
      DownloadException.php: New exception class for downloads - might be extended for better error handling.
      OnArray.php: new function getArrayItemKeyNameStartWith() to filter for specific elements in an array. New function arrayEscapeshellarg() to escape args
      Download.php: Main class.
      Link.php, Report.php: implemented new link type 'd' (=download)
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