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......@@ -3834,7 +3834,12 @@ Split PDF Upload
Additional to the upload, it's possible to split the uploaded file (only PDF files) into several SVG or JPEG files, one
file per PDF page. The split is done via or Image Magick `convert`.
file per PDF page. The split is done via a) or b) Image Magick `convert`.
Currently, QFQ can only split PDF files.
If the source file is not of type PDF, activating ``fileSplit`` has no impact: no split and NO complain about invalid
file type.
* *FormElement.parameter*:
......@@ -936,6 +936,8 @@ class Save {
private function splitUpload(array $formElement, $pathFileName, $chmod, array $statusUpload) {
// Should the file be split and it's technically possible to split the file?
if (empty($formElement[FE_FILE_SPLIT]) || $statusUpload[FILES_TYPE] != MIME_TYPE_SPLIT_CAPABLE) {
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