Commit f2f730ec authored by Carsten  Rose's avatar Carsten Rose
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Makefile: create Extension ZIP file

parent 167deda9
PHPDOC ?= support/pear/phpdoc
JSDOC ?= jsdoc
PKG_VERSION = $(shell awk '/version/ { print $$3 }' extension/ext_emconf.php | sed "s/'//g")
all: archive
doc: phpdoc jsdoc
......@@ -34,3 +36,13 @@ phpdoc: .phpdocinstall
.bowerpackages: bower.json
bower --silent install
touch $@
archive: clean qfq_$(PKG_VERSION).zip
qfq_$(PKG_VERSION).zip: extension/Classes extension/Configuration extension/qfq extension/Resources extension/ext_emconf.php extension/ext_localconf.php extension/ext_tables.php extension/config.example.ini
cd extension; zip -r ../$@ Classes Configuration qfq Resources ext_emconf.php ext_localconf.php ext_tables.php config.example.ini
rm -f qfq_$(PKG_VERSION).zip
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