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Manual.rst: Example on how to reuse custom vars defined in `config.qfq.ini`

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......@@ -333,12 +333,28 @@ Example: *typo3conf/config.qfq.ini*
It's also possible to setup custom variables in `config.qfq.ini`.
E.g. to setup a contact address and reuse the information inside your installation do:
* ``::
ADMINISTRATIVE_ADDRESS = John Doe, Hollywood Blvd. 1, L.A.
* Somewhere in a `Form` or in `Report`::
.. _local-documentation:
Local Documentation
A HTML rendered version is availble under: <your site>/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Documentation/html/Index.html
A HTML rendered version is available under: <your site>/typo3conf/ext/qfq/Documentation/html/Index.html
If you get a 'Page forbidden / not found' there might be some Webserver restrictions. E.g. the Typo3 example of `.htaccess`
in the Typo3 installation folder will forbid access to any extension documentation (which is a good idea on a productive
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