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......@@ -8672,6 +8672,32 @@ Tips:
* Always check the Javascript console of your browser, see `javascriptProblem`_.
* Always check the Webserver log files.
Procedure to Find an Irreproducible Error
* Find out the date and time on which the error occurred as precisely as possible
* Find out the user-name of the person who experienced the error
* Search the logs at the time of the Error:
* qfq.log
* location: fileadmin/protected/log/qfq.log
* Look for error messages which were sent to the user at that time. (search for user-name in file)
* Look at actions performed during the time of Error
* FormSubmitLog
* location: table named 'FormSubmitLog' in the qfq database
* In the SQL Table FormSubmitLog search the column FEUser for the user-name
* does the data (in the column formData) submitted at the time of the error coincide with the data saved in the database?
* sql.log
* location: fileadmin/protected/log/sql.og
* search for the form that was active when the error occurred:
* e.g.: If the form is named 'requestGreview' search for 'form:requestGreview'
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