Commit e8508c2e authored by Carsten  Rose's avatar Carsten Rose
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phpdoc: latest qfq rendered version

parent e6d11c42
# Created by .ignore support plugin (
PHPDOC ?= support/pear/phpdoc
mkdir support
bootstrap: .phpdocinstall
npm install
bower install
grunt default
phpdoc: .phpdocinstall
.phpdocinstall: support
pear config-create "`pwd`/support" "`pwd`/support/pear.config"
pear -c "`pwd`/support/pear.config" channel-discover
pear -c "`pwd`/support/pear.config" install phpdoc/phpDocumentor
touch $@
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<template name="clean"/>
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