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Refs #7724 - caching note in Manual.

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......@@ -7608,6 +7608,9 @@ Any HTML output can be extended by a tag - that's done by the webmaster. For QFQ
General Tips
* Does the error happens on every *page* or only on a specific one?
* Does the error happens on every *form* or only on a specific one?
......@@ -7618,6 +7621,18 @@ Tips:
* Always check the Javascript console of your browser, see `javascriptProblem`_.
* Always check the Webserver log files.
Content, generated by QFQ, is generally not cached. But the QFQ content records are cached by Typo3. This means if there is
a content element 'Insert Records' on a page 'A' which includes a QFQ record from page 'B' and such QFQ record is modified (the SQL
definition, not the delivered output), the new definition becomes by default only visible if the cached is cleared.
To simplify the situation, set on the page of the QFQ record (B) in Page TS Config: ::
TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = pages
QFQ specific
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