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Bug #4944 / Delete: fix problem with outdated Plain/Table class.

parent 993d89d9
......@@ -3036,7 +3036,7 @@ and will be processed after saving the primary record and before any action Form
* *capture=camera*: On a smartphone, after pressing the 'open file' button, the camera will be opened and a
choosen picture will be uploaded. Automatically set/overwrite `accept=image/*`.
* *accept*: `<mime type>,image/*,video/*,audio/*,.doc,.docx,.pdf`
* *accept*= `<mime type>,image/*,video/*,audio/*,.doc,.docx,.pdf`
* List of mime types (also known as 'media types'):
* If none is specified, 'application/pdf' is set. This forces that always (!) one type is specified.
......@@ -334,10 +334,10 @@ class QuickFormQuery {
switch ($this->formSpec['render']) {
case 'plain':
$build = new BuildFormPlain($this->formSpec, $this->feSpecAction, $this->feSpecNative);
$build = new BuildFormPlain($this->formSpec, $this->feSpecAction, $this->feSpecNative, $this->dbArray);
case 'table':
$build = new BuildFormTable($this->formSpec, $this->feSpecAction, $this->feSpecNative);
$build = new BuildFormTable($this->formSpec, $this->feSpecAction, $this->feSpecNative, $this->dbArray);
case 'bootstrap':
$build = new BuildFormBootstrap($this->formSpec, $this->feSpecAction, $this->feSpecNative, $this->dbArray);
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