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Merge branch 'B13860_Typeahead_not_clickable_under_safari' into 'develop'

B13860 Fix for not clickable typeahead in safari. z-index of the first input...

See merge request !415
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......@@ -393,4 +393,16 @@ var QfqNS = QfqNS || {};
$element.typeahead('val', results[0].value);
\ No newline at end of file
// fix for safari to make the right input field clickable. Safari doesn't get the right sequence of z-index from the two typeahead input fields which are overlaid.
// z-index can not be set in qfq because the input field is generated by typeahead.bundle.min.js, changes are needed to do at the end of DOM after everything is loaded.
$(window).on("load",function() {
if($(this).css("z-index") !== "auto"){
\ No newline at end of file
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