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Merge branch 'B13767_datetimepicker_required_orange_up_down_button' into 'develop'

B13767 this fix prevents marking elements with class .btn to required color,...

See merge request !427
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......@@ -271,8 +271,8 @@ i.@{spinner_class} {
transition: opacity 1s linear, max-height 0.25s ease-out; */
.form-group.has-error .btn {
/* all anchors in form-group divs can only be created by users using #!report in forms. These anchors without a target href (#) like some elements which use js functions (example datetimepicker) dont need to be marked as required.*/
.form-group.has-error .btn:not(a[href="#"]) {
background-color: #f0ad4e;
background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom,#f0ad4e 0,#eb9316 100%);
background-repeat: repeat-x;
......@@ -1355,4 +1355,9 @@ thead.qfq-sticky td {
input.qfq-password {
font-family: 'password';
/* bootstrap correction for better looking arrows in datetimepicker */
[data-action="decrementHours"]>span.glyphicon-chevron-down, [data-action="incrementHours"]>span.glyphicon-chevron-up, [data-action="incrementMinutes"]>span.glyphicon-chevron-up, [data-action="decrementMinutes"]>span.glyphicon-chevron-down {
top: -19px;
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