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Fix typo in ext_conf_template.txt

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# cat=config/config; type=string; label=Flag Production:Possible values: 'yes', 'no'. Retrieve via '{{flagProduction:Y}}''. Default is 'yes'. Used to differentiate between development & production systems.
flagProduction = yes
# cat=config/config; type=string; label=QFQ will show form and/or report. In most cases only one at a time is needed. Options: 'single' (default) or 'both' (legacy). In 'single' prefer 'form' over 'report'.
# cat=config/config; type=string; label=QFQ shows Form and Report a) at the same time b) only one at a time.: Options: 'single' (default) or 'both' (legacy).
render = single
# cat=config/config; type=string; label=Max file size for file uploads:If empty, take minimum of 'post_max_size' and 'upload_max_filesize' (PHP.INI).
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