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Manual.rst: update example typeAheadLdapSearchPerToken

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......@@ -924,16 +924,17 @@ an attribute with the combination of both: This mode will
and fill all search token with the first user token and the second user token (only two user tokens are supported at the
* *Form.parameter* or *FormElement.parameter*:
* *typeAheadLdapSearchPerToken* - no value needed.
User search string: X Y
Ldap search string: (|(a=?)(b=?)(c=?))
Ldap search string: (|(a=*?*)(b=*?*)(c=*?*))
Result: (| (&(a=X)(b=Y)) (&(a=Y)(b=X)) (&(a=X)(c=Y)) (&(a=Y)(c=X)) (&(b=X)(c=Y)) (&(=Y)(c=X)) )
Result: (| (&(a=*X*)(b=*Y*)) (&(a=*Y*)(b=*X*)) (&(a=*X*)(c=*Y*)) (&(a=*Y*)(c=*X*)) (&(b=*X*)(c=*Y*)) (&(=*Y*)(c=*X*)) )
* *Form.parameter* or *FormElement.parameter*:
* *typeAheadLdapSearchPerToken* - no value needed.
.. _Fill_LDAP_STORE:
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