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.. ==================================================
.. --------------------------------------------------
.. -*- coding: utf-8 -*- with BOM.
.. include:: Includes.txt
.. _installation:
Report & Form
In PHP 5.x the QFQ extension needs the PHP MySQL native driver. The following functions are used and are only available with the
native driver (see also:
* mysqli::get_result (important),
* mysqli::fetch_all (nice to use)
To normalize UTF8 input, the *php5-intl* resp. *php7.0-intl* package is needed by
* normalizer::normalize()
Preparation for Ubuntu 14.04::
sudo apt-get install php5-mysqlnd php5-intl
sudo php5enmod mysqlnd
sudo service apache2 restart
Preparation steps for Ubuntu 16.04::
sudo apt install php7.0-intl
Print page via wkhtmltopdf
Different browser prints the same page in different variations. To prevent this, QFQ implements a small PHP wrapper `print.php`
which uses (webkit based) to convert HTML to PDF. The converter is not included in QFQ and has
to be manually installed.
Hint: The Ubuntu package `wkhtmltopdf` needs a running Xserver - this does not work on a headless webserver. Best is to
install the QT version from the named website above.
In config.qfq.ini specify the:
* installed `wkhtmltopdf` binary,
* the site base URL.
Provide a `print this page`-link (replace {current pageId})::
<a href="typo3conf/ext/qfq/qfq/api/print.php?id={current pageId}">Print this page</a>
Any parameter specified after `print.php` will be delivered to `wkhtmltopdf` as part of the URL.
Typoscript code to implement a print link on every page::
10 = TEXT
10 {
wrap = <a href="typo3conf/ext/qfq/qfq/api/print.php?id=|&type=2"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-print" aria-hidden="true"></span> Printview</a>
data = page:uid
* Install the extension via the Extensionmanager.
* If you install the extension by manual download/upload and get an error message
"can't activate extension": rename the downloaded zip file to `` or `qfq_<version>.zip` (e.g. version: 0.9.1).
* If the Extensionmanager stops after importing: check your memory limit in php.ini.
* Enable the online local-documentation_.
* Copy/rename the file *<Documentroot>/typo3conf/ext/<ext_dir>/config.example.qfq.ini* to
*<Documentroot>/typo3conf/config.qfq.ini* and configure the necessary values: `config.qfq.ini`_
The configuration file is outside the extension directory to not loose it during updates.
* Play the SQL File *<ext_dir>/qfq/sql/formEditor.sql* to fill the database with the *FormEditor* records.
* Configure Typoscript to include Bootstrap, jQuery, QFQ javascript and CSS files.
page.meta {
X-UA-Compatible = IE=edge
X-UA-Compatible.attribute = http-equiv
viewport=width=device-width, initial-scale=1
page.includeCSS {
file1 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/Css/bootstrap.min.css
file2 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/Css/bootstrap-theme.min.css
file3 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/Css/jqx.base.css
file4 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/Css/jqx.bootstrap.css
file5 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/Css/qfq-bs.css
page.includeJS {
file1 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/JavaScript/jquery.min.js
file2 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/JavaScript/bootstrap.min.js
file3 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/JavaScript/validator.min.js
file4 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/JavaScript/jqx-all.js
file5 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/JavaScript/globalize.js
file6 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/JavaScript/tinymce.min.js
file7 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/JavaScript/EventEmitter.min.js
file8 = typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/JavaScript/qfq.min.js
Setup a *report* to manage all *forms*: Create a Typo3 page and insert a content record of type *qfq*. In the bodytext insert the following code:
# If there is a form given by SIP: show
10 {
# List of Forms: Do not show this list of forms if there is a form given by SIP.
# Table header.
sql = SELECT CONCAT('{{pageId:T}}&form=Form&') as Pagen, '#', 'Name', 'Title', 'Table' FROM (SELECT 1) AS fake WHERE '{{form:SE}}'=''
head = <table class="table table-hover">
tail = </table>
rbeg = <thead><tr>
rend = </tr></thead>
fbeg = <th>
fend = </th>
10 {
# All forms
sql = SELECT CONCAT('{{pageId:T}}&form=Form&r=', as Pagee,,, f.title, f.tableName, CONCAT('form=Form&r=', as Paged FROM Form AS f ORDER BY
rbeg = <tr>
rend = </tr>
fbeg = <td>
fend = </td>
.. _config-qfq-ini:
| Keyword | Example | Description |
| DB_USER | DB_USER=qfqUser | Credentials configured in MySQL |
| DB_PASSWORD | DB_PASSWORD=12345678 | Credentials configured in MySQL |
| DB_SERVER | DB_SERVER=localhost | Hostname of MySQL Server |
| DB_NAME | DB_NAME=qfq_db | Database name |
| DB_NAME_TEST | DB_NAME_TEST=qfq_db_test | Used during development of QFQ |
| DB_INIT | DB_INIT=set names utf8 | Global init for using the database. |
| SQL_LOG | SQL_LOG=sql.log | Filename to log SQL commands: relative to <ext_dir> or absolute. |
| SQL_LOG_MODE | SQL_LOG_MODE=modify | *all*: every statement will be logged - this is a lot |
| | | *modify*: log only statements who change data |
| SHOW_DEBUG_INFO | SHOW_DEBUG_INFO=auto | Possible values: auto|yes|no. For 'auto': If a BE User is logged in, |
| | | debug information will be shown on the fronend. |
| CSS_LINK_CLASS_INTERNA L | CSS_LINK_CLASS_INTERNAL=internal | CSS class name of links which points to internal tagets |
| CSS_LINK_CLASS_EXTERNAL | CSS_LINK_CLASS_EXTERNAL=external | CSS class name of links which points to internal tagets |
| CSS_CLASS_QFQ_CONTAINER |CSS_CLASS_QFQ_CONTAINER=container | QFQ with own Bootstrap: 'container'. |
| | | QFQ already nested in Bootstrap of mainpage: <empty> |
| CSS_CLASS_QFQ_FORM_PILL |CSS_CLASS_QFQ_FORM_PILL=qfq-color-grey-1 | Wrap around title bar for pills: CSS Class, typically a background color |
| CSS_CLASS_QFQ_FORM_BODY |CSS_CLASS_QFQ_FORM_BODY=qfq-color-grey-2 | Wrap around formelements: CSS Class, typically a background color |
| DATE_FORMAT | DATE_FORMAT= yyyy-mm-dd | Possible options: yyyy-mm-dd, |
| FORM_DATA_PATTERN_ERROR |FORM_DATA_PATTERN_ERROR=please check pa. | Customizable error message used in validator.js. 'pattern' violation |
| FORM_DATA_REQUIRED_ERROR |FORM_DATA_REQUIRED_ERROR=missing value | Customizable error message used in validator.js. 'required' fields |
| FORM_DATA_MATCH_ERROR |FORM_DATA_MATCH_ERROR=type error | Customizable error message used in validator.js. 'match' retype mismatch |
| FORM_DATA_ERROR |FORM_DATA_ERROR=generic error | Customizable error message used in validator.js. 'no specific' given |
| FORM_BUTTON_ON_CHANGE_CLASS | FORM_BUTTON_ON_CHANGE_CLASS=alert-info btn-info | Color for save button after modification |
| BASE_URL_PRINT | BASE_URL_PRINT= | URL where wkhtmltopdf will fetch the HTML (no parameter, those comes later)|
| WKHTMLTOPDF | WKHTMLTOPDF=/usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf | Binary where to find wkhtmltopdf |
Example: *typo3conf/config.qfq.ini*
; To get internal default values, inactivate the option by commenting (= ';') it.
DB_USER = qfqUser
DB_SERVER = localhost
DB_PASSWORD = 12345678
DB_NAME = qfq_db
DB_INIT = set names utf8
SQL_LOG = sql.log
CSS_CLASS_QFQ_FORM_PILL = qfq-color-grey-1
CSS_CLASS_QFQ_FORM_BODY = qfq-color-grey-2
.. _local-documentation:
Local Documentation
To render the QFQ reST documentation:
* Take care to have 'unzip' and 'Python setuptools' installed (necessary to run).
Preparation for Ubuntu 16.04::
sudo apt install unzip python-setuptools python-pip
* Install the extension "Sphinx Python Documentation Generator and Viewer" (sphinx).
* Execute the update script (symbol 'two arrows as a circle' behind the extension name)
* Choose 'Sphinx 1.4.4' - click on 'Import'.
* In the Exension Manager open the configuration dialog of the extension 'sphinx'. Activate the 'Sphinx 1.4.4' option and save it.
* On top of the browser window click on the 'question mark' to open the menu, choose 'Sphinx'.
* Show doumentation 'QFQ Extension'
* If you have problems with the rendering, please check:

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......@@ -15,228 +15,3 @@
.. include:: Includes.txt
.. _release:
Version 0.13
* Play formEditor.sql.
* formEditor.sql:
* Checktype of `` restricted to `alnumx` (prior `all`).
* Changed `access` for Form `form` & '`ormElement` from `always` to `sip`.
* Table `FormElement`
* Modified column: `checkType` - new value `numerical`
ALTER TABLE FormElement MODIFY COLUMN checkType ENUM('alnumx','digit','numerical','email','min|max','min|max date',
'pattern','allbut','all') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'alnumx'
* Example Report for `forms` extended by a delete button per row.
* print.php: offers 'print page' for any local page - create a PDF on the fly (printout is then browser independent).
* Install `wkhtmltopdf` on the webserver (
* In config.qfq.ini setup:
* Check and error report if 'php_intl' is missing.
* New Checktype 'allow numerical'.
* Documentation: example for 'radio' with no pre selection.
* #3063, Radios and checkboxes optional rendered in Bootstrap layout.
* Added 'help-box with-errors'-DIV after radios and checkboxes.
* Respect attribute `data-class-on-change` on save buttons.
Bug Fixes
* #2138 / digit sanitize: new class 'numerical' implemented.
* Fixed recursive thrown exception.
* #2064 / search of a default value for a non existing tablecolumn returns 'false'.
* Fixed setting of STORE_SYSTEM / showDebugInfo during API call.
* #2081, #3180 Form: Label & note - update via `DynamicUpdate`
* #3253, if there is no STORE_TYPO3 (calls through .../api/ like save, delete, load): use SIP / CLIENT_TYPO3VARS.
* qfq-bs.css:
* Alignment of checkboxes and radios optimized.
* CSS class 'qfq-note' for 'notes' (third column in a form).
Version 0.12
* Table 'FormElement'
* New column: rowLabelInputNote
ALTER TABLE `FormElement` ADD `rowLabelInputNote` set('row','label','/label','input','/input','note','/note','/row')
NOT NULL DEFAULT 'row,label,/label,input,/input,note,/note,/row' AFTER `bsNoteColumns` ;
* Modified column: 'type' - new value 'templateGroup'
ALTER TABLE `FormElement` CHANGE `type` `type` ENUM( 'checkbox', 'date', 'datetime', 'dateJQW', 'datetimeJQW', 'extra',
'gridJQW', 'text', 'editor', 'time', 'note', 'password', 'radio', 'select', 'subrecord', 'upload', 'fieldset', 'pill',
'templateGroup', 'beforeLoad', 'beforeSave', 'beforeInsert', 'beforeUpdate', 'beforeDelete', 'afterLoad', 'afterSave',
'afterInsert', 'afterUpdate', 'afterDelete', 'sendMail' ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT 'text';
* formEditor.sql: Added HTML 'placeholder' in FormEditor for bs*Columns.
* PLAY 'formEditor.sql'.
* User Input will be UTF8 normalized.
* INSTALL 'php5-intl' or 'php7.0-intl' on Webserver.
* Add globalize.js to be included. Needed by jqx-all.js
* UPDATE EXISTING TypoScript TEMPLATES of QFQ Installation.
* User input will be UTF8 normalized
* config.qfq-ini:
* Comment empty variables - the new default setting is, that empty parameter in config.qfq.ini means EMPTY (=parameter is set and will not be overwritten by internal default), not UNDEFINED (overwritten by internal default).
* FileUpload:
* Implemented new Formelement.parameter: fileReplace=always - will replace existing files.
* Multiple / Advanced Upload: new logic implements slaveId, sqlInsert, sqlUpdate, sqlDelete.
* FormElement.parameter: sqlBefore / sqlAfter fired during 'Form' save for action elements.
* STORE FORM: variable 'filename' moved to STORE VAR - sanatize class needs no longer specified.
* STORE VAR: two new variables 'filename' and 'fileDestination' valid during processing of current upload FormElement.
* Default store priority list changed. Old: 'FSRD', New: 'FSRVD'.
* update doc for FormElement 'upload' and general 'Form' rendering & save (recursive rendering).
* User manual:
* Described form layout options: description for bsLabelColumn, bsInputColumn, bsNoteColumn
* Update 'file-upload' doc.
* Described 3 examples for upload forms.
* Administrator manual:
* Add description page.meta...
* New FormElement (type= 'container') added: 'templateGroup'
* FormElement.parameter.tgAddClass | tgAddText | tgRemoveClass | tgRemoveText | tgClass
* FormElement.maxSize: max number of duplicates
* #3230 templateGroup: margin between copies. 'tgClass' implemented.
* Native FormElements:
* FormElement.parameter.htlmlBefore|htmlAfter - add the specified HTML code before or after the element (outside of any wrapping)
* #3224, #3231 Html Tag <hr> als FormElement. >> htmlBefore | htmlAfter.
* FormElement.parameter.wrapLabel | wrapInput | wrapAfter | wrapRow - if specified, any default wrapping is omitted.
* FormElement.bsNoteColumns | bsInputColumns | bsNoteColumns - a '0' will suppress the whole rendering of the item.
* FormElement.rowLabelInputNote - switch on/off rendering of the corresponding system wrapping items.
* #3232 Define custom 'on-change' color - used for the save button: Form.parameter.buttonOnChangeClass=...
* Form.parameter & FormElement.parameter: Lines starting with '#' are treated as comments and will not be parsed.
Bug fixes
* User manual:
* Fixed double include of validator.js in T3 Typoscript template example.
* Fixed wrong store name SYSTEM: S > Y
* Fixed wrong STORE_FORM variable names.
* Reformat FormElement.parameter description.
* Styling errors fixed.
* Use of 'decryptCurlyBraces()' to get better error messages.
* Skip unwanted parameter expansion during save.
* Fixed bug with uninitialized FE_SLAVE_ID
* formEditor.sql:
* The defintion as 'editor' (not text) for FormElement 'note' has been lost - reinserted.
* Fixed problem while playing SQL query - deleting old FormElements of Formeditor deleted also FormElements of other forms.
* #3066 / help-text with-error - CSS class 'hidden' will be rendered by default (as long there is no error).
* Labels are skipped, if FormElement.bsLabelColumns=0.
* Respect attribute `data-class-on-change` on save buttons.
Version 0.11
* Added STORE_BEFORE, #3146 - Mainly used to compare old and new values during a form 'save' action.
* Added 'best practice' for defining and using of 'Central configure values' in UserManual.
* Added accent characters to sanatize class 'alnumx', #3183.
* Set default all QFQ send mails to 'auto-submit'.
* Added possibility to customize error messages ('data-pattern-error', 'data-rquired-error', 'data-match-error',
'data-error') if validation fails. Customization can be done on global level (config.qfq.ini), per Form or per FormElement.
* *FormElement*: Double an input element and validate that the input match: FormElement.parameter.retype=1
* Autofocus in Forms is now supported. By default the first Input Element receives the focus. Can be customized.
* Added a timestamp in shown exceptions. Usefull for screenshots, send by customer, to find the problem in SQL logfiles.
Bug fixes
* Fixed missing docutmentation for FormElement 'note'.
* Failed SQL queries will now always be logged, even if they do not modify some data.
Version 0.10
* Implemented Parameter 'extraDeleteForm' for 'forms' and 'subrecords'. Update doc.
Bug fixes
* Suppress rendering of form title during a 'delete' call. No one will see it and required parameters are not supplied.
* In case of broken SQL queries, print them in ajax error message.
* Remove parameter 'table' from Delete SIP URLs. ToolTip updated.
Version 0.9
* FormEditor:
* design update - new default background color: grey.
* per form configureable background colors.
* Optional right align of all form element labels.
Bug fixes
* BuildFormBootstrap.php: added new class name 'qfq-label' to form labels - needed to assign 'qfq-form-right' class. Changed wrapping of formelements from 'col-md-8' (wrong) to 'col-md-12'.
* QuickFormQuery.php: Set default for new F_CLASS_PILL & F_CLASS_BODY.
* formEditor.sql: New default background color for formElements is blue.
* qfq-bs.css.less: add classes qfq-form-pill, qfq-form-body, form-group (center), qfq-color-..., qfq-form-right.
* Index.rst: Add note to hierachy chars. Fixed uncomplete doc to a) bs*Columns, showButton. Add classPill, classBody. Rewrote form.paramter.class.
* QuickFormQuery.php: Button save/ close/ delete/ new - align to right border of form.
* UsersManual/index.rst: renamed chapter for formelements. Cleanup formelement types. Wrote chapter 'Detailed concept'.
* QuickFormQuery.php, FormAction.php: '#2931 / afterSave Hauptrecord xId nicht direkt verfügbar' - load master record again, after 'action'-elements has been processed.
* UsersManual/index.rst: Startet FAQ section.
* config.qfq.example.ini: Added comment where to save config.qfq.ini.
* UsersManual/index.rst: Rewrite of 'action'-FormElement definition.
* #2739: beforeDelete / afterDelete.
* update 'delete' description.
* delete.php: fixed unwanted loose of MSG_CONTENT.
* Report.php: Fixed double '&&' in building UrlParam.
* FormAction.php: In case of 'AFTER_DELETE', do not try to load primary record - that one is already deleted.
* Sip.php: Do not skip SIP_TARGET_URL as parameter for the SIP.
* #3001 Report: delete implementieren.
* Index.rst, Constants.php: reverted parameter '_table' in delete links back to 'table' - Reason: 'form' needs to be 'form' (instead of '_form') due to many used places already.
* Sip.php: move SIP_TARGET_URL back to stored inside SIP - it's necessary for 'delete'-links.
* Report.php, Constants.php: Remove code to handle unecessary 'p:' tag for delete links.
* Link.php: Check paged / Paged that the parameter r, table and form are given in the right combination.
* Link.php, Report.php: New '_link' token 'x'. '_paged' and '_Paged' are rendered via Link() class, Link() class now supports delete links.
* QuickFormQuery.php: for modeForm='Form Delete' the 'required param' are not respected - this makes sense, cause these parameters typically filled in newly created records.
* Fixed: #3076 Delete Button bei Subrecords erzeugt sporadisch Javascript Exceptions (Webkit: Chrome / Vivaldi) - kein loeschen moeglich.
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ QFQ Extension
.. only:: html
......@@ -25,8 +25,9 @@ QFQ Extension
The extension offers support to:
a) create HTML Forms by clicking them together,
b) create reports based an SQL queries. The SQL can be nested and offers support for any kind of tags.
* Create HTML Forms by clicking them together,
* Create reports based an SQL queries. The SQL can be nested and offers support for any kind of tags.
Quick Form Query, Form, Report, SQL, Query, Generator.
......@@ -35,10 +36,10 @@ QFQ Extension
Carsten Rose, Rafael Ostertag
Carsten Rose, Rafael Ostertag
This document is published under the Open Publication License
......@@ -56,9 +57,5 @@ QFQ Extension
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 4
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