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Merge branch 'excel-import-improvement' into 'master'

Some minor improvements to the excel import - refs #4922

See merge request !93
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......@@ -3524,10 +3524,13 @@ See also `downloadButton`_ to offer a download of an uploaded file.
* Excel Import: QFQ offers functionality to directly import excel data into the database. This functionality can
optionally be combined with saving the file by using the above parameters like `fileDestination`.
The data is imported without formatting. Please note that this means Excel dates will be imported as a number
(e.g. 43214), which is the serial value date in Excel. To convert such a number to a MariaDb date, use:
`DATE_ADD('1899-12-30', INTERVAL serialValue DAY)`.
* *importToTable*: <mariadb.tablename> - **Required**. Providing this parameter activates the import. If the table
doesn't exist, it will be created.
* *importToColumn*: <col1>,<col2>,... - If none provided, the Excel column names A, B, ... are used. Note: These
* *importToColumns*: <col1>,<col2>,... - If none provided, the Excel column names A, B, ... are used. Note: These
have to match the table's column names if the table already exists.
* *importRegion*: [tab],[startColumn],[startRow],[endColumn],[endRow]|... - All parts are optional (default:
entire 1st sheet). Tab can either be given as an index (1-based) or a name. start/endColumn can be given either
......@@ -378,6 +378,8 @@ class Save {
} elseif (isset($formElement[FE_IMPORT_TO_TABLE]) && !isset($formElement[FE_SLAVE_ID])) {
// Excel import on nonexisting column -> no upload
} else {
// 'Advanced Upload'
$this->doUploadSlave($formElement, $modeUpload);
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