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Manaul.rst: Fix missing single tick in special column name '_=<var>'

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......@@ -7199,7 +7199,7 @@ One page (collect variables)
A page will be called with several SIP variables, but not at all at the same time. To still get all variables at any time: ::
# Normalize
10.sql = SELECT '{{order:USE:::sum}}' AS _=order, '{{step:USE:::5}}' AS _step, '{{direction:USE:::ASC}}' AS _direction
10.sql = SELECT '{{order:USE:::sum}}' AS '_=order', '{{step:USE:::5}}' AS _step, '{{direction:USE:::ASC}}' AS _direction
# Different links
20.sql = SELECT 'p:{{pageAlias:T}}&order=count|t:Order by count|b|s' AS _link,
......@@ -7219,7 +7219,7 @@ Just set the STORE_USER variable 'feUser'.
All places with `{{feUser:Y}}` has to be replaced by `{{feUser:UY}}`: ::
# Normalize
10.sql = SELECT '{{feUser:UT}}' AS _=feUser
10.sql = SELECT '{{feUser:UT}}' AS '_=feUser'
# Offer switching feUser
20.sql = SELECT 'p:{{pageAlias:T}}&feUser=account1|t:Become "account1"|b|s' AS _link,
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