Commit c049da9e authored by Marc Egger's avatar Marc Egger
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Revert "Thumbnail: adjust paths since there is a chdir before use"

This reverts commit 435865b3 because I found a cleaner solution
parent 435865b3
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......@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@ class Thumbnail {
$this->inkscape = $this->store->getVar(SYSTEM_CMD_INKSCAPE, STORE_SYSTEM);
$this->convert = $this->store->getVar(SYSTEM_CMD_CONVERT, STORE_SYSTEM);
$this->thumbnailDirSecureRelToCwd = $this->store->getVar(SYSTEM_THUMBNAIL_DIR_SECURE_REL_TO_APP, STORE_SYSTEM);
$this->thumbnailDirPublicRelToCwd = $this->store->getVar(SYSTEM_THUMBNAIL_DIR_PUBLIC_REL_TO_APP, STORE_SYSTEM);
$this->thumbnailDirSecureRelToCwd = Path::cwdToApp($this->store->getVar(SYSTEM_THUMBNAIL_DIR_SECURE_REL_TO_APP, STORE_SYSTEM));
$this->thumbnailDirPublicRelToCwd = Path::cwdToApp($this->store->getVar(SYSTEM_THUMBNAIL_DIR_PUBLIC_REL_TO_APP, STORE_SYSTEM));
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