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......@@ -1406,6 +1406,7 @@ Most of the other Link-Class attributes can be used to customize the link. ::
* Parameter are position independent.
* *<params>*: see :ref:`download-parameter-files`
* For column `_pdf` and `_zip`, the element sources `p:...`, `U:...`, `u:...`, `F:...` might repeated multiple times.
* To only render the page content without menus add the parameter `type=2`. For example: `U:id=pageToPrint&type=2&_sip=1&r=',`
* Example::
10.sql = SELECT "F:fileadmin/test.pdf" as _pdf, "F:fileadmin/test.pdf" as _file, "F:fileadmin/test.pdf" as _zip
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