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......@@ -2080,15 +2080,17 @@ To decide which Parameter should be placed on *Form.parameter* and which on *For
.. _LDAP_Typeahead:
Typeahead (TA)
Typeahead (TA) - LDAP
See also `input-typeahead`_
*Typeahead* offers continous searching of a LDAP directoy by using a regular *FormElement* of type *text*.
*Typeahead* offers continuous searching of a LDAP directoy by using a regular *FormElement* of type *text*.
The *FormElement.parameter*=*typeAheadLdap* will trigger LDAP searches on every user **keystroke**
(starting after *typeAheadMinLength* keystrokes) for the current *FormElement* - this is different from *dynamicUpdate*
(triggered by leaving focus of an input element). Typeahead delivers a list of elements.
* *FormElement.parameter.typeAheadLdap* - activate the mode *Typeahead* - no value is needed, the existence is suffucient.
* *FormElement.parameter.typeAheadLdap* - activate the mode *Typeahead* - no value is needed, the existence is sufficient.
* *Form.parameter* or *FormElement.parameter*:
* *ldapServer* = ``
......@@ -3560,6 +3562,33 @@ See :ref:`LDAP_Typeahead`
.. _`input-editor`:
Type Ahead Tag
This extends a TypeAhead input element to take more than one token (=tag) in the same input element. The user starts
typing and this searches a list defined by *typeAheadSql*. The user selects An element can be selected by
The maximum number
Usage: A user might choose multiple tags from a typeahead list (to minimize typos and to reuse already given tags).
Tags might be saved in a string (primary table column as defined in **
* *FormElement.parameter*:
* *typeAheadTag* = [0|1] - Default 0 (=off), existence or =1 switches the mode *typeAheadTag* on.
* *typeAheadTagDelimiter* = List of ASCII codes to separate tags during input. Default '9,44' (tab and comma).
* *sqlInsertTag* = {{INSERT INTO tags (name) VALUES (?)}}
* *sqlInsertGlue* = {{INSERT INTO glue (name) VALUES (?)}}
* *slaveId* = Used in glue mode {{!SELECT
If points to a primary table column, the user selected tags are saved as comma selected list
If Parameter *sqlInsertGlue* is given, tags are assigned by glue, not by defining them directly in the string.
Type: editor
......@@ -9226,4 +9255,4 @@ To allow it, add 'span' to the valid elements in the FormElement.parameter field
editor-extended_valid_elements = span[class|style]
The HTML span tag has to be added via 'source' view. At least in TinyMCE 4.7.13, the glyph is still not shown in the
editor but saved.
......@@ -1241,6 +1241,12 @@ const FE_TYPEAHEAD_MINLENGTH = F_TYPEAHEAD_MINLENGTH;
const FE_TYPEAHEAD_TAG = 'typeAheadTag';
const FE_TYPEAHEAD_TAG_DELIMITER = 'typeAheadTagDelimiter';
const FE_TYPEAHEAD_GLUE_INSERT = 'typeAheadGlueInsert';
const FE_TYPEAHEAD_GLUE_TAG = 'typeAheadGlueTable';
const FE_TYPEAHEAD_TAG_INSERT = 'typeAheadTagInsert';
const FE_TYPEAHEAD_TAG_TABLE = 'typeAheadTagTable';
const FE_TYPEAHEAD_SQL = 'typeAheadSql';
const FE_TYPEAHEAD_SQL_PREFETCH = 'typeAheadSqlPrefetch';
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