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B12701 spaces in mails

See merge request !354
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......@@ -235,6 +235,18 @@ Switch off the TLS encryption. In :ref:`configuration` specify for *config.sendE
-o tls=no
.. _`sendEmailSpaces`:
sendEmail: 'random' injected spaces
If in emails unwanted spaces appear, please check that the body does not contain lines longer than 1000 characters.
The spaces will be inserted by the email system in such long lines and has nothing to do with QFQ.
In HTML mails, this
situation might happen if all newlines will be replaced by ``<br>``. To prevent this situation, QFQ will check for
``<br>`` (without newline) and add automatically a newline behind it. This applies only to email body texts.
.. _`javascriptProblem`:
Javascript problem
......@@ -3,13 +3,12 @@
namespace IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Report;
use IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Database\Database;
use IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Helper\HelperFile;
use IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Helper\OnArray;
use IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Helper\Path;
use IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Store\Store;
use IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Helper\Sanitize;
use IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Helper\HelperFile;
use IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Helper\Support;
use IMATHUZH\Qfq\Core\Store\Store;
const SENDMAIL_HTML_TOKEN = '<html>';
......@@ -156,6 +155,11 @@ class SendMail {
// At least HTML code cleaned by QNL2BR() is missing any '\r\n'. A typicall MTA will inject a line break every 1000 Characters -
// this might be in the middle of a word or URL. To prevent this, reinsert '\r\n' after each <br>.
// First normalize existing "<br>\r\n" to "<br>", than replace "<br>" by "<br>\r\n".
$mailConfig[SENDMAIL_TOKEN_BODY] = str_ireplace("<br>", "<br>\r\n",
str_ireplace("<br>\r\n", "<br>", $mailConfig[SENDMAIL_TOKEN_BODY]));
foreach ($mailConfig as $key => $value) {
......@@ -462,7 +466,7 @@ class SendMail {
$param = explode(PARAM_DELIMITER, $data);
// Iterate over all parameter: use token as key. Collect corresponding attachments arguments in separate array elements.
foreach ($param AS $line) {
foreach ($param as $line) {
if (empty($line)) {
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