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......@@ -40,25 +40,25 @@ Neue Versionsnummer
**Auto**: ./ <MAJOR>.<MINOR>.<MICRO>
* extension/Documentation/_make/ release, version
* extension/Documentation/Settings.cfg: version
-* extension/Documentation/_make/ release, version-
* Documentation/Settings.cfg: version
* extension/ext_emconf.php: version
4) Im Projektverzeichnis: **Doc**
make t3sphinx (dadurch fallen Fehler in der RESTdoc Syntax auf)
make doc_local (dadurch fallen Fehler in der RESTdoc Syntax auf)
5) **Update Version & Commit**
* Update the version number in this document (topic 6)
* Commit & Push new version changes to master branch:
New version 19.5.1
New version 19.6.0
6) **New Tag**:
git tag v19.5.1
git push -u origin v19.5.1
git tag v19.6.0
git push -u origin v19.6.0
7) Tickets:
* Schliessen und der QFQ Version zuweisen.
......@@ -91,4 +91,4 @@ Upload new version to TER
* > Log in > My Extensions.
* Rename the ZIP file to be TER compatible: e.g.
* Upload - that's all.
\ No newline at end of file
* Upload - that's all.
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