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......@@ -6488,14 +6488,21 @@ is allowed to access: ::
Excel export
'On the fly'-creation of an excel file. The file is build in the moment when the user clicks on the download button.
Hint: For up/downloading of excel files (no modification), check the generic Form
`input-upload`_ element and the report 'download' (`column_pdf`_) function.
This chapter explains how to create Excel files on the fly.
The Excel file is build in the moment when the user request it by clicking on a
download link.
Mode building:
* `New`: The export file will be completely build from scratch.
* `Template`: The export file is based on an earlier uploaded xlsx file (template). The template itself is unchanged.
Injecting the data is done in the same way in both modes.
Injecting data into the Excel file is done in the same way in both modes: a Typo3 page (rendered without any HTML header
or tags) contains one or more Typo3 QFQ records. Those QFQ records will create plain ASCII output.
If the export file has to be customized (colors, pictures, headlines, ...), the `Template` mode is the preferred option.
IT's much easier to do all cusomizations via Excel and creating a template than by coding in QFQ / Excel export notation.
......@@ -951,7 +951,9 @@ class Database {
* @return string
* @throws CodeException
* @throws UserFormException
public function getQfqLogFile() {
return ($this->store == null) ? SYSTEM_QFQ_LOG_FILE : $this->store->getVar(SYSTEM_QFQ_LOG, STORE_SYSTEM);
......@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@ class DatabaseUpdate {
$this->db->playSqlFile(__DIR__ . '/../../sql/formEditor.sql');
$qfqLog = $this->db->getQfqLogFile();
Logger::logMessage("Updated from QFQ version '$old' to '$new'", $qfqLog);
Logger::logMessage(date('Y.m.d H:i:s ') . ": Updated from QFQ version '$old' to '$new'", $qfqLog);
// Finally write the latest version number.
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