Commit a249c6d5 authored by Carsten  Rose's avatar Carsten Rose
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Support.php: for subrecords add class 'qfq-table-80' - dynamic column width.

parent c8d66639
......@@ -729,7 +729,7 @@ class Support {
self::setIfNotSet($formElement, FE_HTML_BEFORE);
self::setIfNotSet($formElement, FE_HTML_AFTER);
self::setIfNotSet($formElement, FE_SUBRECORD_TABLE_CLASS, 'table table-hover');
self::setIfNotSet($formElement, FE_SUBRECORD_TABLE_CLASS, 'table table-hover qfq-table-80');
if (isset($formSpec[F_BS_LABEL_COLUMNS])) {
self::setIfNotSet($formElement, F_BS_LABEL_COLUMNS, $formSpec[F_BS_LABEL_COLUMNS], '');
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