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DragNDrop Api

parent 638998a9
......@@ -479,7 +479,7 @@ JSON Response from the server (extended [Minimal Response]) containing:
"status": "success"|"error"|"conflict"|"conflict_allow_force",
"message": "<message>"
"message": "<message>"e5
`status` indicates how the request has been fulfilled by the server.
......@@ -53,22 +53,22 @@
<div class="col-md-6">
<div class="qfq-dnd" data-dnd-api="http://something/bla" data-dnd-key="ddsAsdsw3332a39D9">
<div class="subi" id="e1" data-dnd-id="5" data-dnd-value="10">
<div class="subi" id="e1" data-dnd-id="uno" data-dnd-value="10">
Numbero Uno
<div class="subi" id="e2" data-dnd-id="6" data-dnd-value="20">
<div class="subi" id="e2" data-dnd-id="deux" data-dnd-value="20">
Numbero Deux
<div class="subi" id="e3" data-dnd-id="7" data-dnd-value="30">
<div class="subi" id="e3" data-dnd-id="tre" data-dnd-value="30">
Numbero Tre
<div class="subi" id="e4" data-dnd-id="9" data-dnd-value="40">
<div class="subi" id="e4" data-dnd-id="quattro" data-dnd-value="40">
Numbero Quattro
<div class="subi" id="e5" data-dnd-id="2" data-dnd-value="50">
<div class="subi" id="e5" data-dnd-id="cinge" data-dnd-value="50">
Numbero Cinge
<div class="subi" id="e6" data-dnd-id="4" data-dnd-value="60">
<div class="subi" id="e6" data-dnd-id="siesta" data-dnd-value="60">
Numbero Siesta
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