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......@@ -6793,11 +6793,11 @@ Run any command on the web server.
|**Parameter**|**Description** |**Default value**|
|<command> |The command that should be executed on the server.|none |
|**Parameter**| **Description** |**Default value**|
|<command> | The command that should be executed on the server.|none |
**Minimal Examples** ::
......@@ -7702,6 +7702,20 @@ QFQ iterates over the result set of `dragAndDropOrderSql`. The value of column `
If you find that the reorder does not work at expected, those two sql queries are not identical.
QFQ Icons
Located under ` typo3conf/ext/qfq/Resources/Public/icons`::
black_dot.png bullet-red.gif checked-red.gif emoji.svg mail.gif pointer.svg up.gif
blue_dot.png bullet-yellow.gif checked-yellow.gif gear.svg marker.svg rectangle.svg upload.gif
bulb.png checkboxinvert.gif construction.gif help.gif new.gif resize.svg wavy-underline.gif
bullet-blue.gif checked-blue.gif copy.gif home.gif note.gif show.gif zoom.svg
bullet-gray.gif checked-gray.gif delete.gif icons.svg pan.svg trash.svg
bullet-green.gif checked-green.gif down.gif info.gif paste.gif turnLeft.svg
bullet-pink.gif checked-pink.gif edit.gif loading.gif pencil.svg turnRight.svg
QFQ CSS Classes
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