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F8806 Implement SQL Stored Procedure 'qnl2br()'. Update doc

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......@@ -6699,6 +6699,20 @@ Example::
In case 'Note.title' contains a '|' (like 'fruit | numbers'), it will confuse the '... AS _link' class. Therefore it's
necessary to 'escape' (adding a '\' in front of the problematic character) the bar which is done by using `QBAR()`.
.. _qnl2br:
QNL2BR: Convert newline to HTML '<br>'
The SQL function QNL2BR(text) replaces `LF` or `CR/LF` by `<br>`. This can be used for data (containing LF) to output
on a HTML page with correctly displayed linefeed.
10.sql = SELECT QNL2BR(Note.title) FROM Note  
One possibility how `LF` comes into the database is with form elements of type `textarea` if the user presses `enter` inside.
.. _qmore-truncate-long-text:
QMORE: Truncate Long Text - more/less
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