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......@@ -4,29 +4,56 @@ Notes / Best Practices for Coding
* When qfq starts, it looks for the formname at:
* Class QuickFormQuery is the main entry point called by:
* T3 Extension 'QFQ': called once per tt_content-record. 'bodytext' will be transferred to class QuickFormQuery.
* The 'bodytext' contains:
* Report definiton: 10.sql=SELECT ...
* Form definition (explizit): form=Person
* <Empty>: do nothing
* api/save.php: wrapper to receive AJAX post request and instantiate QuickFormQuery.
* api/load.php: not implemented yet.
* Wrapper to receive AJAX get requests.
* delivers data for jqw grid
* delivers data for typeahed fields
* delivers data for select list
* delivers data for depended (user select/unselect former elements) form elements
* When qfq starts,
* (Form) Looking for a formname at:
1. Typo3 Bodytext Element,
2. For the 'SIP' ($_GET['s'])
3. $_GET variables 'form' and 'r' (=recordId) - the parameter 'form' has to be allowed in 'Permit URL Parameter'
* The active formname is stored in $this->store->setVar(SYSTEM_FORM, $formName, STORE_SYSTEM);
3. $_GET variables 'form' and 'r' (=recordId) - the parameter 'form' has to be allowed in 'Permit URL Parameter' of
the specified form. This means: load the form to check, if it is allowed to load the form!?
* If a formname is found, the search stops and the specified form will be processed.
* (Report)
* Process all <number>.[<number.>].sql statements
* Access code variables:
* active/valid formname: [$this->store->setVar(SYSTEM_FORM, $formName, STORE_SYSTEM);]
* SIP: [$this->store->getVar('form', STORE_SIP)]
* All parameters from active SIP: [$this->store->getStore(STORE_SIP)]
* Check Contstants.php for known Store members
* In QuickFormQuery.php the whole Form will be copied to $this->formSpec and depending on further processing, the elements are
available in $this->feNative and $this->feAction.
* The Form specificaton (table form) will be evaluated after loading.
* The Form specificaton (table form) will be evaluated direct after loading.
* The FormElement specification will be evaluated later on in BuildForm*.php
* Get the recent SIP, Formname, RecordId with:
[src] $this->store->getVar('form', STORE_SIP), or
[src] $this->store->getStore(STORE_SIP)
* Check Contstants.php for known Store members
* Via wrapper api/save.php
* SID must be supplied via FORM POST
* The SID supplies the <formname> and the <redordid>
* form.render: plain/table/bootstrap
* Client will handle the response of save.php.
* Optional redirection initiated by client.
Debug / Log / Errormessages
* Before firing a SQL or doing processing of an FormElement, set some debugging / error variables:
[src] $this->store->setVar(SYSTEM_SQL_RAW, STORE_SYSTEM)
......@@ -76,3 +103,11 @@ Typo3
Page loaded:, with $_SESSION['badcaffee1234'] => 'form=Person&r=1'
* $_SESSION[$sip] => <urlparam> >> $_SESSION['badcaffee1234'] => 'form=Person&r=1'
* $_SESSION[$urlparam] => <sip> >> $_SESSION['form=Person&r=1'] => 'badcaffee1234'
\ No newline at end of file
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