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Fixes #8859. FormEditor: Filter + ColumnSelector

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......@@ -7361,6 +7361,7 @@ To turn any table into a sortable table:
* Ensure that your QFQ installation imports the appropriate js/css files, see setup-css-js_.
* Add the `class="tablesorter"` to your `<table>` element.
* Take care the `<table>` has a `<thead>` and `<tbody>` tag.
* Given settings will be saved per table. To distinguish different table settings on the same page, define an uniq HTML id per table.
The *tablesorter* options:
......@@ -223,7 +223,8 @@ VALUES
# FormElement
(1, '', 'FormElements', 'show', 'subrecord', 'all', 'native', 210, 0, 0, '', '', '',
'{{!SELECT fe.ord AS _ord, IF( fe.enabled="yes", IF( fe.enabled="yes" AND fe.feIdContainer=0 AND !ISNULL( AND fe.class="native", "danger", IF( fe.class="container", "text-info", IF( fe.class="action", "text-success", ""))), "text-muted") AS _rowClass, IF( fe.enabled="yes", IF(fe.feIdContainer=0 AND !ISNULL( AND fe.class="native", "Please choose a container for this formelement", fe.class), "Disabled") AS _rowTitle, AS _id, CONCAT(''<span id="qfq-dnd-ord-id-'',,''">'', fe.ord, ''</span><br><small class="text-muted">'',, ''</small>'') AS ''Ord|nostrip'', CONCAT( IFNULL( CONCAT(, " (", fe.feIdContainer, ")"),"")) AS Container, AS "Name|50", fe.label AS Label, fe.mode AS Mode, fe.class AS Class, fe.type AS Type, IF(fe.dynamicUpdate="yes", \'<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-random"></span>\',"") AS "Dyn|nostrip" FROM FormElement AS fe LEFT JOIN FormElement AS feC ON AND feC.formId=fe.formId LEFT JOIN FormElement AS feCX ON feCX.class="container" AND feCX.enabled="yes" AND feCX.type="pill" AND feCX.formId=fe.formId WHERE fe.formId={{id:R0}} GROUP BY ORDER BY fe.ord,}}',
'form=formElement\ndetail=id:formId', 2,
'form=formElement\ndetail=id:formId\nsubrecordTableClass=table table-hover qfq-subrecord-table qfq-color-grey-2 tablesorter tablesorter-filter tablesorter-column-selector',
'new,edit,delete', '', '', 'none', 'no',
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