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Data Selenium: first implementation for FormElements

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......@@ -2892,6 +2892,8 @@ See also at specific *FormElement* definitions.
| expectRecords | int | |
+------------------------+--------+ |
| messageFail | string | |
| dataSelenium | string | Optional. See `seleniumTest`_ |
......@@ -7510,6 +7512,17 @@ AutoCron / website: HTTPS protocol
* All certificates are accepted, even self signed without a correct chain or hostnames, not listed in the certificate.
This is useful if there is a general 'HTTP >> HTTPS' redirection configured and the website is accessed via `https://localhost/...`
.. _seleniumTest:
Selenium Test
With it's possible to play automate test cases.
By default every FormElement contains an attribute 'data-selenium=<value>', whereas the '<value>' is either the name
of the FormElement or a custom value, defined via 'FormElement.parameter.dataSelenium=<value>'.
.. _help:
General Tips
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